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So What Exactly Is "Nutritious" Cookie Dough?

4 Clean Superfoods: Almonds. Grape Seed Oil. Cacao. Maple Syrup

*Himalayan Sea Salt. Pure Vanilla

Health Benefits:

Suppresses Appetite * Increases Energy * Boosts Metabolism * Improves Heart & Immune Health * Provides Trace Minerals & Rich Antioxidants

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We dared to Ask... Can Cookie Dough Be nutritious and delicious? Here's what our customers say...

It’s all in the taste!  Seriously!  I have had cookie dough before and there is absolutely no comparison. To find out that Sara’s Cosmic Cookie Dough is actually healthy?  I was blown away. I dare anyone to try and find a better tasting product, healthy or unhealthy. Sara’s Cosmic Cookie Dough is by far the best tasting cookie dough on the market. 

J. Oberndorf Louisville, CO

This is the best cookie dough I have eaten in a long time. One can eat it out of the container or bake the dough as cookies. Either way it is healthy for you and I would recommend everyone try for themselves.

C. Blam Louisville, CO

Sara's Cosmic Cookie Dough is literally the BEST cookie dough I have ever had! And I'm a lover of cookie dough!! What I love about this product is that you get to feel like your cheating, but you're not. On top of that, it is great when I am hiking, snowboarding, or doing something active and I need a protein-rich snack for an energy boost. It acts like a protein bar with out all the sugar and artificial products that come with many of the top brands. I LOVE this cookie dough!! I'm a life-long customer for sure! 

K. Oberndorf Louisville, CO

Amazing delicious! Raw or baked, I love Sara’s Cosmic cookies, and eat them as power snacks every afternoon at tea time. Without guilt.

E. Bartasius St. Croix USVI

Sara’s Cosmic Cookie Dough is a surprise and a delight! It unfolds such a tasty array of sensations, rich in flavor, and that’s even before you get to the baked cookie stage!!

B. Hill Louisville, CO

This cookie dough is awesome! I love that there is no danger in eating it raw. The two spoons before dinner were the perfect amount to curb my sweet tooth and help me not to over indulge at dinner. I recommend this cookie dough to everyone!

A. Myers Ellsworth, ME

I highly recommend this cookie dough as a great healthy snack!

R. Myers Highlands Ranch, CO

I love love love the cookie dough! I really looked forward to having it in the afternoon and it definitely helped with afternoon craving. I was not hungry and satisfied until dinner.

C. Wollrab Boulder, CO

I love the cookie dough. It is a great energy snack and it feels healthy and best of all is how great it tastes.

- R. Sims Boulder, CO


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