Sara's Cosmic Cookie Dough Has Officially Closed It's Doors

  • Eat Raw or Bake

  • Gluten Free. Vegan. Paleo

  • Plant-based Superfood

Eat Raw or Bake

Gluten Free. Vegan. Paleo

Plant-based Superfood


It’s all in the taste!  Seriously!  I have had cookie dough before and there is absolutely no comparison. To find out that Sara’s Cosmic Cookie Dough is actually healthy?  I was blown away. I dare anyone to try and find a better tasting product, healthy or unhealthy. Sara’s Cosmic Cookie Dough is by far the best tasting cookie dough on the market. 

Justin Oberndorf

Perfect. Seductive flavor and texture make them addictive - with no guilt! They satisfy the desire for something sweet without being too sweet. Our biggest issue is getting them into the oven before we eat all the raw dough.

Donna Hambric

Your cookies are the absolute best vegan, grain-free, cookies. Cooked and, by a long shot, raw! Better than Cappellos! Thank you for making the best cookie dough ever!  And, I love that you came out with a hot chocolate! Creative, spicey, fun!

B. O'Connor

Sara’s Cosmic Cookie Dough is a surprise and a delight! It unfolds such a tasty array of sensations, rich in flavor, and that’s even before you get to the baked cookie stage!!

Bernice Hill

Sara's Cosmic Cookie Dough is literally the BEST cookie dough I have ever had! And I'm a lover of cookie dough!! It is great for when I I need a protein-rich snack for an energy boost. It acts like a protein bar without all the sugar and artificial flavors that come with many of the top brands. I LOVE this cookie dough!! I'm a life-long customer for sure! 

Kelli Oberndorf

Sara's Cosmic Cookie Dough delivers on taste and nutrition. I can heartedly recommend this product baked or raw. It is a real treat to have a cookie, that's satisfying and good for me with my afternoon tea.

Linda Myers

Amazingly delicious! Raw or baked, I love Sara’s Cosmic Cookies, and eat them as power snacks every afternoon at tea time. Without guilt.

Elizabeth Bartasius

I tried Sara's Cosmic Cookie dough and was hooked. The four flavor options available and size options, make it easy for my lifestyle in that I can take the 2oz serving with me on my training rides!! Then when I get home, I create more options by baking some cookies as well. Love this Cookie Dough and well done to Sara for her yummy creation!!

Rolland Nel

So wonderful! At first I didn’t bake cookies because I was eating the dough. Then I baked some and they smell and taste like my Christmas memories of my Mom. I love the flavor and texture of the dough and cookies.

Kathleen S.

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