For the Love of Cookie Dough

  • Edible Cookie Dough

    Who doesn't love raw cookie dough? I know I do. When I was a teenager I used to eat it like it was a food group. Then I learned that it was dangerous to eat, causing food-borne illnesses due to salmonella and E.coli. The Center for Disease Control issued a recent warning just this year advising against eating traditional raw cookie dough...
  • How Can Cookie Dough be Nutritious?

    Who say's cookie dough or cookies can't be nutritious? Sara's Cosmic Cookie Dough puts this myth on its head. These nutritious cookies are delicious and good for you. Not only do they provide a great energy boost for an active on the go lifestyle, but they're packed with nutrients that our body's crave. 
  • The Raw Truth

    I love this cute magnet my friend gave me. She knows that I eat Sara's Cosmic Cookie Dough raw every day and I've been able to lose weight and feel great doing so. While I don't follow an entirely raw plant-based diet, I have been more and more curious about the health benefits from eating this way. Did you know that nutrition science is discovering that chronic diseases like type II diabetes, cancer and heart disease can be stopped and even reversed by a whole food plant-based raw diet? 
  • Busting A Vegan Myth

    Have you ever heard or thought that eating a plant-based Vegan diet would make you weak or unhealthy?  I thought this until I started learning about all the amazing plant-based athletes crushing this Vegan myth. Athletes all over the world are proving this illusion wrong from elite marathon runners, world renown suffers, body builders and martial artists, to gold Olympians.