A Celiac Solution


Over three million Americans have been diagnosed with Celiac disease. This presents many challenges for what you can and cannot eat, especially for desserts. The prevalence of Celiac disease continues to rise for unknown reasons, but as this number increases, so does the struggle of finding a good gluten free dessert. 

In a world surrounded by gluten rich forbidden foods, those with Celiac are forced to use the alternatives. Sure, you could make homemade desserts that are gluten-free, but getting them to turn out can be a challenge. Finding a quality gluten-free recipe takes time, and there is a lot of trial and error that comes with that. While grocery stores are offering more and more gluten free options, there are still limited dessert choices available and few of them are as appetizing as the original gluten versions. 

As more kids discover they are Celiac, this presents many challenges for the kid and the parent as well. When you look back at your childhood, I bet you can recall all the sugary treats that were a part of it. At every birthday party, you would be served pizza and cake. Not to mention all the other gluten filled foods that you would indulge in. As a kid with Celiac, it puts heavy restrictions on their diet which can affect their emotional state. Being the only one out of your friends that can’t eat baked goods would drive anyone crazy. For the parent, it puts you in a tough position because you need to enforce the rules, but you also feel bad that your kid is missing out on an enjoyable part of childhood. 

With all of this said, there is a solution and it’s not being forced to watch everyone eat desserts while you sit there and sulk. I bring to you Sara’s Cosmic Cookie Dough. 

This isn’t your average cookie dough. Instead of using flour and starches to create this well known dessert, Sara uses almonds which are actually lower in carbs, while being higher in fiber and protein. This cookie dough is also naturally sweetened with maple syrup and dark chocolate which both contain nutritional benefits as well. But, the best feature of this cookie dough is that it’s completely gluten-free and you can’t even tell because of its similar taste to the flavorful and chewy original homemade chocolate chip cookies we all grew up on.

Sara’s Cosmic Cookie Dough can be eaten raw or baked into cookies, leaving you options on how you want to indulge in your dessert. Scratch the gluten-free recipes you have yet to try. This cookie dough offers the best of both worlds; a homemade taste and freshly baked cookies, without the hassle of following a recipe. Bring it over to a friends house for dessert or use it for birthday parties for your kid. This is also a vegan dessert that can be enjoyed by anyone despite dietary restrictions (aside from almond allergies).

So there you have it, a guilt-free cookie for Celiacs that satisfies dessert cravings without any damage to your body. It seems too good to be true, but I assure you that Sara’s Cosmic Cookie Dough is as nutritious as it is delicious. If you still don’t believe me, give it a try then I’m sure you’ll be convinced.



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