Our Story

Sara's Cosmic Cookie Dough was founded by Sara Sims in 2017, but this story started long before that. It was in the summer of 1988 when Sara's love affair with chocolate chip Cookie Dough truly began. Blissfully unaware that eating raw cookie dough could make you sick, Sara was eating a raw batch about every week. It was a magical summer of young love and sweet delights. But as time went on and Sara grew older and wiser, she said goodbye to raw Cookie Dough and committed herself to a new love, health. 

It wasn't until the winter of 2015 on the island of St. Croix when Sara and Cookie Dough found each other again. Sara was visiting her dear friend Elizabeth. The women were both on a strict clean eating diet when one fateful day Elizabeth shared the most amazing cookie dough treat that miraculously did not violate their restrictive diet. It felt like a too good to be true moment for Sara and Elizabeth. This cookie dough was both delicious AND nutritious. For the first time Sara discovered that being healthy and eating cookie dough were not mutually exclusive. Sara could now have her dough and eat it too!  

As Sara's love affair was reborn with more passion than ever before, she shared her love with friends and family far and wide. The love spread and all that ate the dough agreed, this was the best tasting cookie dough and cookies that they had ever had. The demand grew and grew until Sara's realization became crystal clear, the love, this dough, was meant to be shared.

Sara's Cosmic Cookie Dough was thus born out of love and the desire to share the most delicious gluten-free, vegan, grain free, nutrient dense chocolate chip cookie dough made. 

Sara's Cosmic Cookie Dough specializes in making cookie dough that's delicious AND nutritious. We make Cookie Dough so yummy you'd never believe that it's plant-based, grain free, dairy free, low-glycemic and healthy for you. Enjoy it raw or baked. We source high quality, Non-GMO all natural ingredients and make each small batch by hand and with love in Boulder, Colorado. 

Eating healthy never tasted so good! Now YOU can have your dough and eat it too;-)