Sara's Cosmic Cookie Dough Challenge


Sara’s Cosmic Cookie Dough is a Vegan, Gluten-Free, Grain-Free, Dairy-Free edible cookie dough, derived from 4 plant based foods. Here’s the most important fact, it’s delicious! The ingredients serve as an appetite suppressant and even small meal replacement. So that you might eat cookie dough everyday and lose weight!

We’re a few Cosmic ladies creating a healthy, badass following of health inspired eaters ready for something different, nutritious and delicious. We’ve predicted you will lose weight, feel great and enjoy eating healthy like never before, but we want to hear from you, so take the challenge and tell us how it went. 


1. Eat-Clean: Meaning, try to eat whole foods like fruits, vegetables, lean meats and some nuts. Stay away from all grains, processed foods and too much sugar.

2. Water is the heart of optimal health. Drink 70 fluid ounces of water or tea daily. Avoid drinks with sugar and alcohol.

3. Try to eat the majority of your calories before 5pm. And no eating after 7pm. Avoid eating from 7pm-7am. See if you can make lunch the main meal of your day instead of dinner. Make dinner a light meal like a big salad. Why does this matter? Because meals take 3 to 5 hours to digest. By eating earlier in the day, food is metabolized by bedtime, leaving stored fat to burn while you sleep. This improves quality of sleep, healthy digestion and even improves heart health. 
4. Now the fun part. Eat two tablespoons of Sara’s Cosmic Cookie Dough every single day! Prefer cookies over cookie dough? No problem, just bake Sara’s Cosmic Cookie Dough and eat 2 cookies a day. Eat cookie dough or cookies in the afternoon for a satiating energy boost. Or, eat your cookie dough at 5pm. That’s right, we said it, go ahead, ruin your dinner! That’s the whole idea. You won’t want more than a light meal or salad after indulging in your nutritious and delicious cookie dough.


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